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Apply for our affiliate program below. Include your creator resume and a simple roadmap on how you will promote our products via your social, blogs or mailing list.

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Earn 20% commission on sales made via your coupon or unique link. Our top earners are UGC or review content creators but we encourage you to get creative in your own way.

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We pay our affiliates once a month via your easy setup affiliate portal. We have the highest paying affiliate program for the industry. Keep in m

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Are you a wellness influencer?

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Wellness influencer careers thrive on guiding consumers towards quality products, offering lucrative opportunities while serving as trusted advisors. By leveraging their expertise and authenticity, influencers empower customers to make informed choices, steering them away from subpar products and potential disappointments, thus enhancing their overall shopping experiences.

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Join us in shaping the industry’s standards. As influencers, you play a crucial role in upholding quality, guiding consumers to the best products available. Together, let’s ensure excellence and transparency in every purchase decision.


An individual with an online influence who feels passionate about kratom may include it in their awareness. With Bagus Botanicals, influencers are compensated based on a commission rate from their sales. On average, each affiliate influencer earns between $100 and $2,800 per month simply by sharing coupon codes with their audience. Affiliates are also provided with a unique link that tracks sales, and they earn 20% of the sales generated by either their code or unique link.

When it comes to affiliate promotion, creativity is key. While there are various methods for affiliates to showcase kratom products, some avenues have proven particularly effective in driving sales retention. 1) Personal blogs offer a platform for affiliates to delve deep into their experiences with the product, providing detailed reviews, testimonials, and insights that resonate with their audience on a personal level. 2) Instagram posts allow for visually captivating content, where affiliates can showcase the product in action, sharing compelling stories or visually appealing imagery that engages their followers. 3) TikTok challenges have emerged as a dynamic way to capture attention, inviting users to participate in fun and interactive challenges centered around the product, thereby amplifying its reach and appeal. By leveraging these platforms creatively, affiliates can maximize their impact and drive significant sales retention.


Our affiliate program utilizes cookies that last for 24 months. If you introduce a customer who purchases products regularly, you’ll continue to earn commissions for their purchases over the next two years. For instance, if your referred customer buys 4 products every month, you’ll be earning commissions on each of those purchases for the foreseeable future. Now multiply that by hundreds, and that’s what we call passive income, ensuring a steady stream of income for you with minimal effort.


While there may be an increasing number of influencers entering the kratom space, it doesn’t necessarily mean the market is saturated. Instead, it could indicate growing interest and opportunities for collaboration and innovation, especially as people become more aware of plant medicines and their potential benefits. This trend aligns with the broader growth observed in the wellness industry, which has seen significant expansion in recent years, driven by a rising interest in holistic health practices, natural remedies, and alternative therapies. Therefore, while there may be competition, there’s still potential for influencers to carve out their niche and thrive in the kratom community amidst this evolving landscape of wellness awareness.

Unfortunately, we cannot approve every wellness influencer who applies, but the likelihood of your approval hinges on several factors: your passion for the kratom industry, your online influence, and, like anything in life, timing is crucial. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply. If you’re not accepted immediately, we do offer a 6-month waiting list, and you will be contacted the moment a new spot opens up.