Flow State Functional Kratom Powder

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Power up your day with FLOW STATE. This plant-powered brain booster blends focus-sharpening nootropics, mood-lifting kratom, and clean energy botanicals. This versatile botanical mixture effortlessly enhances smoothies, juices, or even inspires your mixology creativity with our curated mocktail recipes.


  • Kratom: Derived from a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, Kratom is a cousin to coffee and has been utilized for centuries for its energizing properties. A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine has validated numerous benefits associated with Kratom.
  • Lion’s Mane: A functional mushroom growing in clusters on trees, Lion’s Mane is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, known for promoting cognition and focus.
  • Ginseng: Harvested from the root of Araliaceae in the Mt. Changbai region of Northern China, Ginseng is a precious natural product. This antioxidant aids in promoting clean energy, enhancing brain function, boosting the immune system, and regulating blood sugar levels.


Dosage: The recommended serving size is 1 teaspoon. This product has 40 servings per container.


Effects of FLOW STATE:

Synergizing the alkaloids found in Kratom, the compounds derived from Lion’s Mane mushroom, and the constituents of Ginseng produces a comprehensive effect characterized by enhanced mental clarity, increased energy levels, and potential anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to pain relief. This blend is optimally administered in small doses to elicit heightened energy, while higher doses may induce a sedative effect for relaxation.


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  1. this was a very lovely blend! lots of energy and felt all warm and happy! would definitely recommend!

    Bagus kratom reviews
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  2. Great Products and a Super Nice and Thoughtful Team!

    Mitragyna Review
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  3. I got into kratom with feel free shots but I was spending a fortune on them and they tested terrible. The flow state blend is my kratom glow up. Thanks I will reorder !

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  4. I signed up for the free sample, didn’t believe it would ever arrive and 2 days later I’m trying the flow state for the first time. So far I feel the head change and an uplifting body high.

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  5. I prefer the green but my gf takes the flow state

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Unlocking Benefits Of Kratom:

For centuries, kratom has held a place in holistic traditions, offering a spectrum of potential benefits. Below we dive into its key uses and benefits, from focus flow to mood magic.

  • Increased Energy Boost: Kratom is celebrated for unique alkaloids, providing an energy boost surpassing coffee. Users turn to this strain for endurance and agility, making it ideal for a revitalizing kick.
  • Mood Enhancement: Kratom positively impacts users’ outlook on life, instilling a sense of mental satisfaction as an effective mood booster.
  • Focus Improvement: Users acclaim the botanical’s efficacy in aiding concentration and focus, facilitating dopamine production for improved attention span. Acting as a stimulant, kratom keeps users alert and in a positive mood.
  • Cognitive Skills Enhancement: Research supports its use by students seeking cognitive benefits, allegedly promoting acetylcholine production for increased learning abilities and retentive memory.
  • Mind Relaxation at Higher Dosages: This strain induces relaxation at higher dosages, believed to alleviate stressful mental gymnastics and leave users with positive mental health.
  • Discomfort Relief: In our hectic lifestyles, kratom serves as a potential discomfort reliever, offering temporary relief from aches and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.
  • Better Sleep Quality: For those with insomnia, kratom aids in treating the disorder and promotes restful sleep at higher doses, contributing to improved sleep quality.


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Flow State
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Functional Kratom Powder

Ditch the afternoon slump with FLOW STATE. This nanotech kratom powder blend packs focus-boosting lion’s mane and clean energy ginseng for a revitalized day. Blend it in, sip it down, and reclaim your groove. One teaspoon, twice daily, max.

How to use video link below:

Woman teaching you how to use kratom


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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 10 × 5.5 × 2.5 cm
Flow State

50g (20 servings), 100g (40 servings)

Q & A

How do you suggest storing kratom? Mariah asked on August 10, 2023

Storing kratom best practice is out of the sun and in cooler temperatures. Freezing the kratom helps to preserve potency. Try to avoid clear packaging products as they are exposed to direct sunlight and that will diminish the strength of the MIT %

Bagus Botanicals Team answered on August 14, 2023 store manager
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How long does it take to work ? Peter asked on July 14, 2023

I had the recommended dosage and it took about 20 minutes. I’d recommend the mocktails on their Ig

Dustin answered on July 18, 2023

The average time it takes for the effects to kick in is typically around 15 to 30 minutes. However, this can vary quite a bit depending on factors like how recently you've eaten, your body size, and how accustomed you are to using kratom. Please note that it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before using kratom or making any changes to your regimen. The information provided is for general educational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

Bagus Botanicals Team answered on July 18, 2023
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