I Didn’t Feel Anything From The Kratom Dosage; What Should I Do?

Kratom Dosage
Kratom Dosage

Kratom Didn’t Work For Me

Mitragyna speciosa is an organic herbal supplement frequently known as Kratom. It has gained immense popularity in the last two decades, especially in the Western world. This herbaceous plant belongs to the Coffee family. Its leaves make various health products like mitragyna powder, capsules, liquid extract, tincture, and crushed texture.

No doubt, Kratom possesses several beneficial effects which millions of ketum consumers have reported. But it is a fact that, like other herbs and supplements, it also causes some side effects, which a few consumers have reported. Here, some of the positive reviews have been assembled as such,

“I never thought the effects of kratom would change my life so much!”

“There’s so many strains of kratom that I can keep changing it up!”

“This herbal supplement has had such a positive impact on me!”

All this goodness depends upon the proper guideline about herb consumption, origin, composition, and laboratory verification. The optimum dosage quantity, which actually will be beneficial, varies from person to person; it depends upon the following factors,

  • Person size
  • Height
  • Weight, Gender, and medical history of Person’s tolerance to Kratom.
  • What a person wants from the herb, like you are using for pain relief, stimulation, or relaxation.
  • Metabolic rate
  • Kratom strain, you choose.

According to experts, ketum dose generally ranges between 2 to 8 grams, with some following factors,

Anything which is lower than 2 grams will be considered as a microdot.

The low dose will be considered between 2 to 6 grams.

Anything over 6 grams will be considered a high dose

A heavy dose will be regarded as more than 8 grams.

Always start with small quantities.

You must consult with your physician before starting up with Kratom.

After finding the right kratom dosage quantity according to your body’s requirement, if Kratom does not work for you, then what should you do?

What can you do if you are not feeling the effect of Kratom?

After knowing about all the pros and cons of using this herb, you must want to know the answer to this question, why is kratom dosage not working for you?

Well, this is a fact that every individual is different and unique. Every chemical reaction taking place inside the human body is well-regulated and balanced. So you have to bring about some changes after consulting with health, experts then ketum might work better for you.

Certain solutions help in making your kratom dosage effective and beneficial.

Following are some ways designated by mitragyna expertise which can help you out in obtaining missing impacts of this amazing herb; after adapting these steps, you will surely feel the enrichment of your accurate kratom dosage; let’s take a look,

1: Take your Kratom Dosage in any other way:

Mitragyna speciosa is commercially available in various physical forms, including powder, capsules, crushed leaves, liquid extract, and tinctures. Bagus Botanicals provides a variety of ways to consume your kratom dosage.

You can visit their official website for different forms of consuming your favorite herb. Here you are given some simple ways to take your kratom dosage; You can switch to capsules, the simplest and easiest way to consume the perfect kratom dosage. If you find difficulty swallowing capsules, you can take a powder, liquid extract, or crushed texture of mitragyna.

 Mix the herbaceous powder with your favorite food, beverage, or drink. You can prepare a kratom smoothie with yogurt or any fruit pulp you choose. Tea can be brewed with crushed ketum leaves. Consume powder through the toss and wash method. You can buy a kratom shot containing an exact quantity of liquid extract.

Consume Kratom with oblate discs.

2: Increase the Quantity of your Kratom Dosage:

Bagus Botanicals always cares for you and strongly recommends consulting with your health practitioner before beginning with misogyny.  If you are not getting anything from this herb, you can increase your kratom dosage quantity, but the doctor’s “yes” is necessary.

For beginners, it is always suggested to start up with smaller amounts; it can be increased gradually to reduce the higher risk of different side effects. For experienced ketum users, if the set kratom dosage stops working, a gradual and little-by-little increase in herbs quantity can help.

You will certainly feel the impact of mitragyna in your body and can find out the correct kratom dosage quantity for you according to your body’s requirements.

3: Change your Mitragyna Strain:

Mitragyna speciosa is a miraculous herb of Southeast Asian countries. All countries of this region have distinct suitable environments for this plant’s growth. A slight difference in the humidity, climate, pH, soil minerals, and nutrients of the different areas gives rise to a wide range of ketum varieties.

Geographically different mitragyna possess different qualities and induce other impacts on every individual. There are various kinds of ketum; you can choose one or switch to another if one is not working for you. It might help you in selecting your best kratom dosage type; these include,

  • Malay Kratom
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom

Moreover, for worthy consumers, this herb is harvested at four levels of leaf maturity, commonly known as mitragyna strains.

These strains possess different potency, strength, and ultimately different effects; these include,

  • Red Vein Mitragyna strain
  • Yellow Vein Mitragyna strain
  • Green Vein Mitragyna strain
  • White Vein Mitragyna strain

You have a wide assortment of ketals kinds; you can choose anyone according to your body’s needs. If the red strain does work for you, switch to either yellow, green, or white. If you are taking Thai Kratom dosage and not feeling anything, try Indo, Bali, or Maeng Da.

Your health is a priority, so choose wisely and enjoy the miraculous effects of this amazing nature’s gift.

The Final Words:

Mitragyna speciosa, a natural organic herb, is used for overall well-being. It possesses many health benefits. That is the reason for gaining much popularity around the globe. The right kratom dosage is crucial to get full enrichment of the herb.

If someone is not feeling anything while using mitragyna, adapt the above-given methods to make your kratom dosage fruitful and beneficial. Bagus Botanicals is a recently established kratom supplier in the market. Within a short time, it has made a good reputation among renowned ketum vendors.

Bagus Botanical has a clear and vast vision. The brand has begun with a mission to provide you with 100% pure and premium quality mitragyna products.

Until now, many people have benefitted from the kratom products bought from Bagus Botanicals. You are a clock away if you are searching for quality ketum products. Go to Bagus Botanicals Official web page and choose the right product. At Bagus Botanicals, we care.

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