Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tropical plant. It is a member of the Rubiaceae family. Natively, this tree flourishes in the rain forests of Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines, and Papua. The name “kratom” has been given to Mitragyna in Thai. 

This tree grows from 4 to 16 meters in length. Traditionally, the dried leaves of the tree are chewed for overall well-being. Tea and infusion have also been used for decades. Due to its effects, mitragyna has also gained immense popularity in the Western world. And now, it has become the most frequently used herbal supplement in the United States.

If the plant’s chemical composition is seen, it will amaze us; it is composed of more than 40 phytochemicals. Most abundant are alkaloids; others include terpenoids, polyphenols, saponins, glycosides, and flavonoids.

The major constituents include alkaloids, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Because of its increasing demand, many scientific institutes, research laboratories, and universities are busy analyzing and studying mitragyna in detail.

Umass Amherst is a well-reputed research university in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. It was founded in 1863 as a college of agriculture, and over time, it developed into a renowned research university.

Being a Commonwealth flagship research university, Umass Amherst is highly dedicated and ambitious to facilitate people for quality education.

University’s research department provides a competitive environment for various research proposals.

Umass Amherst proposed a detailed study on Kratom, especially the health benefits of Kratom, after doing comprehensive research on Kratom. The report presented by the university has shown the remarkable health benefits of Kratom. Let’s take a glimpse,

How Does Kratom Work?

According to scientific research at Umass Amherst University, the Mitragyna tree contains two potent alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. When these chemical substances enter the body via the bloodstream, they reach the brain and bind with the specific receptors, then produce stimulating effects.

Kratom Strains:

Based on the color of veins developed in mitragyna tree leaves, it is divided into four types. These include green kratom, red, white, and yellow Kratom. Interestingly, all four possess different characteristics and benefits. 

These strains have been further classified into different types based on their growth regions. These include Indo, Borneo, Thai, Bali, Congo, etc. Particular environment causes the induction of peculiar features in these strains.

Health Benefits of Mitragyna: 

Following are the top eight benefits of Kratom given by Umass Amherst University. The research department of Umass Amherst University exclusively reports these health benefits.

1: Mental Stimulation:

According to research, Kratom enhances the focusing and cognitive abilities of consumers. It also flourishes the mind’s ability to think and concentrate more. It is due to the presence of active alkaloids which release acetylcholine, a chemical compound that acts as a neurotransmitter and is present in the nervous system. Acetylcholine helps in mental clarity, enhanced creativity, and better working abilities.

2: Anxiolytic and Antidepressant:

During research on Kratom, it has been found to have a striking resemblance with opioids; although it is much different from opioids, both still have similar effects. Alkaloids present in mitragyna, being highly potent, show some therapeutic effects, like calmness and relaxation of nerves, produce positivity, and increased concentration. In this perspective, red vein kratom has shown a more powerful impact than all other strains. It not only reduces depression but is also a solid anxiolytic substance.

3: Analgesic:

According to research, Kratom possesses analgesic effects too. Either pain is acute or chronic, a physician s prescribed dose can help a person sort out these pains. Due to the side effects of regular painkiller medication, many people are turning to Kratom for pain relief.

It also helps in post-workout muscle aches and sprains. But it is highly recommended to consult with your health practitioners before you get addicted to Kratom, as addiction to painkillers is a big issue in the US. Red strain, in this regard, has also shown a remarkable impact on relieving all kinds of pain.

4: Management for Opioid Withdrawal:

A recent statistic has shown that many people addicted to opioids have adopted Kratom, and amazingly, they have shown good progress. Not only has opioid addiction reduced, but also mental abilities have increased for all those people.

 As mitragyna can bind to opioid receptors in the brain, it can easily lessen the opioid binding in the brain. As a stimulating agent, it enhances working abilities too, and does not produce specific effects of opioids.

5: Euphoria:

Euphoria is a mental state in which a person feels extreme happiness and excitement. Kratom possesses the ability to produce a euphoric state. All red, green, white, and yellow strains include this quality. The best regional strains for this purpose are Maeng Da, White Thai, White Borneo, and Green Malay. According to reports, people who use these strains have felt a tremendous change in mood with elevated happiness, which lasts for many hours.

6: Energy Booster:

Kratom leaves contain miraculous alkaloids, which enhance metabolic effects, and resultantly boost energy. Biochemically, when Kratom enters the bloodstream, it increases blood circulation, oxygen availability to all cells increases, and ultimately increases metabolic processes at the cellular level. In this way, the energy level of the body reaches the top.

That is why Kratom is suggested as a natural remedy for managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Many people have become used to starting their day with kratom tea or coffee in recent years. People claimed that they were feeling better after this experience. It is sufficient for the full-day energy requirement.

More popular strains used for energy boosting are White Horn, Green Maeng Da, and Super Indo. These will help you for full-day power.

7: Regulation of Blood Sugar Level: 

A study was carried out on the process of Glucose Transport in Muscle Cells by the Mitragyna speciosa and mitragynine extract. It has been revealed that Kratom helps restore insulin function and regulates blood glucose levels. In this way, the chances of the onset of severe symptoms of diabetes reduce to a considerable extent.

8: Libido Enhancement:

According to research, it has been revealed that regular use of prescribed doses of Kratom induces a pleasant effect on the sexual functioning of the individual. It has been reported by almost 99% of kratom users. This is because of the powerful impact of alkaloids present in the mitragyna as it enhances metabolic processes, energy, and so on.

The Final Thought:

Although there are many positive impacts of Kratom on one’s health, there are some side effects, too, which must be kept in mind while you are taking ketum. Potential side effects of Kratom include Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, seizures, hallucinations, and liver damage.

So it is highly recommended to get proper guidelines about kratom dosage and consult your doctor or health practitioner before beginning with any mitragyna product. Online data and literature are both available for ketum usage guidelines.

On the official webpage of Bagus Botanicals. You can easily find a complete and comprehensive description of each kind of kratom product. It is your responsibility to go through it before starting with Kratom. In this way, the side effects of mitragyna can be reduced to much extent.